Digital Meets Physical at InfoComm 2015: 5 Videos Showcasing Innovation in Retail Display Technology

Rapid changes in the retail industry due to innovations in technology mean that retailers are constantly reassessing their methods of providing an enhanced customer experience. Blurring the lines between digital and physical display, these new products, introduced at InfoComm 2015 in Orlando, just might turn a few heads. Take a look at what could be the future of retail display technology.


1) Beehivr enhances the customer-facing experience with an interactive field marketing application through iPad tablets run on a private network. In this demonstration, Beehivr technology is used to assist the customer in making customized product selections based on their personal preferences.

2) APG and Prysm showcase Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology on a Cascade Collaboration Wall. Applications include immersive digital signage experiences and a touch interface, allowing users to pinch, swipe, and move content.

3) Futuristic “Retail Cubes” and a shelf display by NanoLumens showcase an engaging solution to grab customers attention and present supporting collateral and product information.

4) Samsung’s eye-catching new Mirror Display technology allows brands to create content and overlay it on top of a mirror, providing a variety of new avenues to engage the customer in an unexpected space.

5) NEC Display Solutions introduced their latest tech, the X555UNS, a video wall with RFID functionality. Here, you can see the HD screen in action when an RFID card is pressed against the wall, activating an interactive game in which the user can win a prize.