Today’s beauty industry is roaring, projected to grow from $46.2 billion in 2015 to $51.8 billion by 2020, according to Mintel. But, what’s causing this steady growth and how is the industry fueling it further? Our latest eBook “Buying Beauty: Influencers, Trends, & Predictions in the Business of Looking Good” addresses this question and has […]

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Pat McGrath Labs Releases Lust 004 TODAY!

The Excitement Today is a monumental day for fashionistas and makeup junkies around the globe. Today—coinciding with the first day of New York Fashion Week—Pat McGrath Labs launches the Lust 004 kit exclusively at Sephora. This highly-anticipated limited release is particularly special for the PDI family because we developed, engineered, manufactured, and installed the one-of-a-kind […]

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The Role of Social Media in Retail: Part II

Now that we’ve examined some successful methods of social networking in The Role of Social Media in Retail: Part I, we can begin to share best practices to ensure your digital marketing efforts are worthwhile. Here is a list of five tips to get your brand on track with social media. Determine how to connect: […]

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The Role of Social Media in Retail: Part 1

Social media’s influence extends far beyond showcasing sales and sharing new products. Today, most retailers are adopting social networking solutions as a viable avenue in their omni-channel approach to retail. And if used properly, it is a powerful brand-building tool and lead generator. Social media can help create an experiential space within the digital world […]

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Our latest eBook is hot off the presses! “The Shift in Shopping: Examining Today’s Retail Landscape” was written to thoroughly explore the current climate of the traditional retail market and the competing online market. This eBook identifies and inspects digital shopping trends, savvy solutions by bricks and mortars, and how shoppers are interacting between these […]

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Retail Display: Industry Secrets Revealed

Here at PDI, we have recently completed the first in a series of eBooks aimed at providing consumer education and insight into the world of retail display production. This piece, entitled “Catch The Eye: Creating Successful Retail Environments,” covers a variety of topics including: Choosing the Right Manufacturer The Display Buying Experience Merchandise Planning in […]

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Ken Fuhrman is a 20-year veteran of the visual merchandising industry. He’s led design departments at a variety of major retail brands. Ken was gracious enough to share some of his secrets for creating successful displays, discuss the state of the industry, and tell us where he finds inspiration today. Q: What exactly is visual […]

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Four Tips for Choosing a Retail Display Manufacturing Partner

With the proliferation of emerging technology, the retail space has become a battlefield with all sides vying at once for the attention and loyalty of the customer. Not only are brands competing with each other but they are at war with the convenience of eCommerce. Now, more than ever before, product presentation is crucial to […]

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Rapid changes in the retail industry due to innovations in technology mean that retailers are constantly reassessing their methods of providing an enhanced customer experience. Blurring the lines between digital and physical display, these new products, introduced at InfoComm 2015 in Orlando, just might turn a few heads. Take a look at what could be […]

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Engaging Your Customers with NFC

In our last blog on “Branding the Retail Experience with RFID,” we discussed RFID’s role in Omnichannel Fulfillment Support as well as some of the innovative strides brands like Burberry, Uniqlo, and Kohl’s are taking building interactive retail environments. In this piece, we’ll discuss how brands can use NFC to help customers discover products, engage […]

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