A shop assistant standing at the checkout desk.

The secret to keeping customers happy is to keep your employees happy. While staffing stores adequately is a major expense—more than half of a retailer’s selling, general, and administrative expenses, according to Bain & Co.—it’s absolutely necessary for the health and vitality of a brick-and-mortar, especially in today’s competing online environment. While some retailers are […]

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Saleswoman and customer at checkout counter

As retail continues to confront changing technology trends, experts are analyzing the importance of in-store associates and their participation in the omnichannel retail space. We’ve concluded that associates play a vital role in reviving the brick-and-mortar. Associates are brand ambassadors, who can single-handedly elevate a brand’s reputation and a customer’s experience. Through presentation and knowledge […]

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PDI is Hiring!

2015 has been a busy year and as it draws to a close, we find ourselves on the verge of a variety of exciting new opportunities. Our business development group is focused on expanding the global reach of Preferred Display and leveraging our expertise in a wide array of strategic retail and non-retail markets. As […]

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