Innovations in Cosmetics at MakeUp in NewYork

The NYC beauty scene was buzzing in early september with both MakeUp in NewYork and Fashion Week happening at the same time. While this writer did not attend fashion week activities (though I did have a celebrity sighting of Betsy Johnson!), I did have the good fortune to check out the latest products at the […]

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Cold Cream display

The Art of Beauty at MakeUp in NewYork

Last week, the Penn Plaza Pavilion was taken over by some of the most innovative names in the cosmetics industry. Influencers in fields such as manufacturing, packaging, distributing, and make-up artists from around the world gathered to celebrate the creativity and dynamism of trendsetting products and ideas in the beauty sector. Several members of the […]

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PDI is Hiring!

2015 has been a busy year and as it draws to a close, we find ourselves on the verge of a variety of exciting new opportunities. Our business development group is focused on expanding the global reach of Preferred Display and leveraging our expertise in a wide array of strategic retail and non-retail markets. As […]

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